After a long quiet period I feel it’s time to spread my wings again. We all go through moments of struggle, coping with events beyond our control. As a yogi and life artist I’ve learned to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. When I surrender to the flow of life, the universe grants me deep insights and inspiration in return. This is the Life Art I want to share with you.

From Ticos to Nicas

After the 6 month lockdown period in Costa Rica, I finally managed to travel to Nicaragua. This was an adventure on its own, me and my friend being the first extranjeras to pass the border since many months. After hours of being questioned, passport scans, phone calls and temperature checks, we were allowed to enter the country. And so I am now the new resident teacher and retreat leader at this wonderful eco-lodge called Eden on the Chocolata. At least till the summer of 2021 I will host the yoga retreats and also manage the hotel, with the help of my good friend Ezra.

Natural Yoga & Life Art in paradise

All of daily life here happens in the open air- the majestic Pacific Ocean and lush green jungle adding to the vibrant energy, making this into such a healing environment. I feel so blessed to be able to live in this paradise, far away from the stress and restrictions of city life, especially during the current pandemic. Most mornings I wake up before dawn. From the yoga deck I witness the first sunlight kissing the treetops and the ocean, making everything glow and shimmer. Simply observing this beauty has become and important part of my daily yoga and meditation practice. A practice of pure bliss. I can’t wait to welcome new guests here to share this with.

Natural womanhood and Shaktimotion

My body and soul have merged with Mother Nature and her elements on an even deeper level than before. Her rhythm and cycles, the polarity of sun and moon, Shiva and Shakti, the flow of life, death and rebirth… It resonates in my own blood, spirit and sensuality. I am diving into this beautiful new depth of my femininity on the brink of turning 40. As a result I feel a deep calling to share this wisdom with others, especially women. For sisters who feel a desire to explore their own natural womanhood and radiate their inner Goddess powers, I am currently working on ‘Shaktimotion’. Starting with an online course soon and live retreat programs next year.

Special Holiday Retreats at Eden

We have also just published three special holiday retreats here at Eden. Programs that I have carefully designed for those of you who wish to escape Christmas and New Years at home. If you want to start 2021 with a conscious cleansing of body-mind-heart, we also have the perfect retreat program for you.

Although tourism has not fully returned to Nicaragua yet, we have good hopes for the winter high-season. Several airlines are starting to resume commercial flights into the country as we speak. If you feel called to join us here for a week long retreat, to connect to nature and deepen your yoga and meditation practice, then reach out to me and we’ll make it happen!

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