Natural life-art for sensual beings

Invite the Goddess back in

 For many centuries we have been living in a patriarchal dominated society where qualities like structure, logic and linear accomplishment are highly (over) valued. The wild, intuitive and mysterious feminine nature has been equally suppressed, mistrusted and devalued. Luckily, this is changing. The Goddess has returned to take back her place in the light. Shakti is the powerful consort, equivalent, polarity and lover of Shiva. Shiva stands for the divine masculine, pure awareness and clarity and he is moved by Shakti, who is ever changing, flowing, inviting. It is through her that he experiences life. It is through him that she is seen, felt and held.  Together they manifest bliss and pure love. The heart of this ever expanding Universe, where everything has its origine. 

What is Shaktimotion about?

Shaktimotion is Maija’s way to manifest and honor the divine feminine. It is movement, surrender, play, growth, battle and a lot of letting go . It blends all practices, teachings and experiences together that have allowed Maija to explore, breakdown, heal and shine in this human adventure. An ever evolving journey in many forms. To make it simple and practical: Shaktimotion is a form of embodied Life-Art with elements of coaching, tantra, yoga, meditation, dance, breath work and self-inquiry. The retreats and workshops that Maija offers, will open up all your senses and get your inner Shakti flowing. Once you embrace your inner Goddess (or God, because it is not about gender really), transformation is inevitable. If you feel ready to open up for more magic in your life, contact Maija now and join one of her programs.  

Maija’s background

Maija Klamer is a nomadic yoga & life-art teacher, originally from the Netherlands. Maija has lived many different lives in a relatively short time. Always ready to follow her passioned heart, but not always following reason, she got lost more than once- causing burn-out, depression and some very absurd situations. But looking back, she wouldn’t have missed any of that. Everything- the joy, the pain, the love, the loneliness, the freedom, the addictions, the lessons… Everything combined  has made her into the wise and wild soul that she is now. Always remaining a student in the first place, Maija is dedicated to continuously grow, as teacher, healer and inspirator. She is open to meet anyone who is looking for some guidance on the rough path of life. All it requires from your side is an open heart and mind.