After rain comes sunshine. A cliché that I am fully living since I moved to the other side of the world. Away from Cambodia- via the Netherlands- into a green paradise where Mother Nature still rules. Montezuma in Costa Rica.



After a traumatically bad ending of my time in Cambodia, I had to take some time to heal both physically and emotionally. For almost three months I surrounded myself with family and friends who helped me to get my strength back and prepare for my new adventure ahead.
Two weeks ago I arrived to Costa Rica where I will continue to do the things I love the most. Share the beautiful art of yoga and offer healing massage treatments for body-mind-heart. I also brought my guitar, some books and writing and drawing equipment. In my simple but cozy cabana on the hills just above Montezuma, I enjoy being offline, finally taking time for my creative practices. I spend much time sitting outside in silence watching the wildlife in the lush garden. So far I have spotted monkeys, big iguanas, raccoons, a tapir, squirrels, a whole family of agoutis and my very first hummingbird! Ofcourse there is also a little gecko inside my house, making sweet kissy sounds and protecting me against hidden mosquitos.

Most of all I love cooking my own meals in the little kitchen. After my year in Cambodia where I had to depend on food from the resort’s kitchen, I realize what a luxury it is to have access to organic markets with fresh and healthy products. I love how the community here is so conscious about the environment, growing non toxic food and caring for the planet by leading a more simple and less materialistic lifestyle.

Every day I adapt a little further into the flow that the Tico’s call ‘Pura Vida’. Surrendering to the slow and laidback rhythm that is directed by the sound of the Pacific waves. And yes, I am finally going to take surfing classes!

Montezuma Yoga

I am so happy and grateful to Dagmar from Montezuma Yoga for inviting me to be part of her team. Together with Eva Marie, the three of us share the yoga classes twice a day in this beautiful studio. The nearness of the green jungle forest and the clean Pacific waters fill the air with healing, pranic energy. You can feel the magic flow into your system as soon as you sit down on your mat. I hope to meet many old and new yoga friends from all over the world here in Montezuma. This place is something not to be missed…

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Pura Vida!