About Maija

Maija Klamer grew up in a farmhouse in Erica, on the Dutch countryside of Drenthe. The summers of her childhood were mostly spent outside in the fresh air, enjoying nature in all its forms. When the climate forced her inside, she practiced music, dancing, writing and a lot of reading. Maija’s environment allowed her to develop a strong and free body, mind and spirit- something she is forever grateful for. Eastern philosophy and old nature religions had caught her fascination from early teenage years on, and she was always interested in the more mysterious dimensions of reality. Sexual and sensual energy have played a driving role in Maija’s life journey so far. Through both the shadow and the light of these powerful, creative (and sometimes destructive) manifestations, she navigates to ever evolve in the Art of Life.

Maija’s most recent CV and biography will be published here soon.

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