About Maija

Maija Klamer is an experienced (500 hour RYT) yogateacher and life-artist, based in the Netherlands, teaching internationally. With a working background in hospitality management, creative events and festival organization, she has a well trained eye for peoples needs and group dynamics. Her focus has shifted in the last years, from offering external forms of entertainment towards expanding inner awareness. Encouraging others to live their true potential, to engage in a fulfulling life while contributing towards a healthy environment, is Maija’s core motivation. In her close connection to Mother Nature she finds endless inspiration.

Her idealistic drive and ambition got her elected into the Hilversum city council in 2018, but she chose to pass the honor for the time being, to follow her yogi heart into the world. Creativity is another important aspect in Maija’s life. Dancing, singing, making music and writing have been natural ways for her to express what’s inside ever since she was a little girl.

Her many different talents and fields of interest, plus the tendency towards perfectionism, allowed Maija to learn valuable life lessons over the years. The demanding process of taking on too many projects at once, not always being able to finish them ‘properly’ and eventually encountering the exhausting effects of burn-out, is also known to her. It was through yoga, meditation and spending time in nature that she gained the strength and insight to change her lifestyle and reconnect with her true purpose.

“I wish for people to allow themselves more time to retreat, connect with Mother Nature and immerse into her love and healing energy. The truth is that we are all part of her, build from the same 5 elements. Our true essence is part of cosmic infinity, the universal womb. It’s because of our tendency to forget this, that fragmentation and confusion take over. This sense of separation however only exists in our minds.
Yoga teaches our body and mind to merge and meditate, allowing our whole system to relax. When we relax, the subtle channels of prana open up, freeing our primal life energy, connecting us to our source. This allows us to experience that bliss of oneness, which is our true nature.”

After her first encounter with yoga- in 2000 in Amsterdam- Maija kept coming back to classes and started exploring meditation practices as well. Between 2008 and 2010 she followed her first professional yoga teacher training in Amsterdam, after which she started to teach Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin-Yang yoga in studio’s, gyms and at yoga holidays. In this period she also attended several Vipassana meditation courses.

After some years of teaching and learning all kinds of yoga styles, Maija felt a growing urge to explore the roots of yoga and tantric philosophy. As the yoga industry in the west was growing rapidly, it seemed to become more and more body-focused and superficial. On the other hand, many traditional systems were applying a far too dogmatic and rigid approach to yoga and life. Maija’s wish to find an alternative for that, looking for more depth and freedom at the same time, brought her to Shri Kali Ashram in India, where she started her traditional tantra yoga studies. In the ancient science of tantra, ayurveda and shamanic wisdom, she finds a limitless source of knowledge and inspiration.